10th Anniversary JKA ENGLAND CUP 2nd of November 2013

On the 2nd of November, Alfa SKC members took part in the 10th year anniversary jka England national Cup in Crawley. The strongest teams in Europe such as Teams from Norway, Germany, Ireland and Scotland gathered to support Jka England on their 10th year anniversary. It was a successful day for Alfa Karate Club, bringing back 8 medals: Diana Maculska won Gold in kata, Milana Khlimankova won Gold in kumite, Nahida Aziz won Silver in kata and Silver in kumite. Jamil Uddin , Stefania Caseriu , Ammara Salam and Paul Standing all won Bronze in kumite !

This was great achievement for Alfa karate club in the national Jka England Cup. The competition continue to grow every year but this year was the best organized national karate event so far as it was organized to such a high standard which accommodated the best teams in Europe. It was a great experience for all competitors with a lot of support from family and friends.