28 medals for Alfa Shotokan Karate Club !!!

28 medals for Alfa Karate Club. 14 Gold, 7 Silver and 7 Bronze !!!

It was a big day for Alfa Shotokan Karate Club.  14 squad members, varying from ages of 6 to 40+, went to Dagenham for a 2nd Interclub competition. Six clubs took part from London and Essex. The competition spirit was high, and the performances was very good.
The competition kicked off with Kata, displaying different levels from all ages, followed by the finals where winners were announced. After a short break Kumite rounds began, both Sanbon and Ippon Kumite . The spirit from the competitors was amazing. The black and brown belt rounds were Ippon Kumite – Free fighting.This lead to the finals and the roars of encouragement from the crowd due to the amazing results.
I hope everyone who came to the tournament enjoyed the day. It was well attended, well respected and well run and a testament to the spirit of the club and its members. The comradely and positive vibe that echoed throughout the competition hall was spectacular and a joy to be part of. A great thanks to all the competitors, judges and parents who attended and provided all the support.For more pictures find us on Alfa Karate Club Facebook.
Well done to all the participants!!!