Dojo Etiquete

Do rei (Bow) every time you enter or leave the dojo.
Shoes, socks or others forms of footwear are not permitted on the dojo floor.
Try not to be late for the class. If you are late, you should enter the dojo quietly and wait at the back of the class until you asked by instructor to join in.
Safely put away any jewellery before training.
Maintaining personal cleanliness is an act of consideration and respect for yourself and others. Keep your finger and toe nails short to avoid injury to others.
No food or drinks is permitted in the dojo during training.
Refrain from profanity or loud talking in the dojo
Say “OSS” upon receiving command or advice from instructor.
Say “OSS” when bowing to your partner in kumite.
Show common respect and courtesy to other dojo members.
Discard chewing gums and similar items before coming practice.
Never leave the dojo without permission.