Grading info

Undertaking a grading is a reward for your effort and behaviour, it is not a right. Each grading should give a sense of accomplishment to the student recognising it as the next step along the journey of shotokan karate. Be happy with your progress, no matter what level you are at, but always try the very best at every training class to push yourself further. Students must demonstrate their best ability during all training sessions to meet the standard required to undertake their next grade. The grading syllabus is divided into 3 main sections: Kihon (basics), Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring).

To be eligible for grading the student must train regularly for at least three months. Currently ALFA SKC holds grading three times per year. Before the grading you must get permission from Sensei Albert Gustis to take part. You will be assessed by Sensei A.Gustis in the club 2-3 weeks before the grading. This is when you will have a chance to perform your grading syllabus, such as kata and kumite. There must be no mistakes, no hesitation and always good fighting spirit, only then you can get permission for grading.

Do not expect to grade with poor attendance and lack of improvement! Please be patient and make sure you make all the effort to improve for the next grading.
On the day, the examiner will run a training course. This course is recommended for all the students, whether they are grading or not.
The systematic kyu grading method is designed to prepare the karate student for the black belt exam. It allows the student to set goals and provides them with a platform to test their acquired skills. Every student is expected to develop skills to enhance their ability to defend themselves effectively. Each kyu level gets progressively more challenging, and once completed, yields a sense of accomplishment, success and satisfaction.
The step to the black belt is very significant in the life of a karate-ka, but the true martial artist looks upon the Black Belt as the beginning and not the end of the journey. Once attaining the black belt, student should assess themselves continually and strive for self development all the time.The grading costs £25 per student including the course with examiner, the grading itself, the belt and certificate (if successful).