Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya course and Black Belt grading March 2016

WSKF England recently hosted a grading course by the worldwide known karate Instructor Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya 8th Dan assisted by Sensei Tomiko Mitsukoka 8th Dan. Chief Instructor of WSKF Hitoshi Kasuya spent three days in England teaching the wealth of shotokan karate principles, techniques and training exercises. It is impossible to describe the unique teaching style and generosity of a true master and gentleman. Sensei always shares many ideas and principles on how to improve fitness level, health in general, flexibility and how to have the right attitude and mind set for training and achieving goals.
Two students from Alfa SKC went for the black belt test. After three hours of squeezing all their energy into training, they had to perform basics, kata and kumite in front of the examiners. All hard work has paid off as Satha Raveendran and Paul Standing have passed their Black belt 1st dan test. A black belt is a great achievement to the students and to our karate club as well. Well done and congratulations!