Alfa Shotokan Karate Club at K2 JKA England National Championships 27th of June 2015

Well done to the ALFA Shotokan Karate Club Squad who competed at the recent JKA England National Championship and big thank you to the parents who supported us during the day. We saw many new students competing from ALFA Shotokan Karate Club for their first time and with all the nerves and being in a new environment everyone fought fantastic, and you all did your club and parents proud.
One of the main benefits of entering competitions is that you are literally pitting your skills and your wits against opponents every time you go out on the mats to compete. As such, no two bouts or opponents are the same.
Albertas Gustis in kumite veterans category won Gold, Paul Standing in kumite won Bronze, Ian Maston beginners category in kumite won Bronze, Annamaria Nagy beginners kata took 4th place. For more pictures and to keep up with updates please follow us on our Facebook page: Alfa Shotokan Karate Club